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Handel - Partenope - Copenhagen '08

If you want to download the full radio broadcast recording of Copenhagen Partenope, here is the link:


Below, I embedded my Partenope playlist that contains my score animations from this performance. For detailed info on all the videos I posted, you can view my playlist on YouTube:

Handel - Partenope - Copenhagen '08 11 Videos
Det Kongelige Teater (Gamle Scene), Copenhagen
11 October 2008

Inger Dam-Jensen (Partenope), Andreas Scholl (Arsace), Christophe Dumaux (Armindo), Tuva Semmingsen/Trine Bastrup Møller (Rosmira), Bo Kristian Jensen (Emilio), Palle Knudsen (Ormonte)

Concerto Copenhagen,
conducted by Lars Ulrik Mortensen

Due to illness, Tuva Semmingsen was not able to sing in this performance; she was on stage acting, but she was dubbed from the orchestra pit by her understudy Trine Bastrup Møller.

A review of the premiere that was performed on October 4:
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